Sunday, October 19, 2008

Christy and Tony's Wedding.

Seven years we have waited for this wedding. Pretty early on I think we all knew Tony was going to be in the family and that was that. You sort of get that feeling from certain significant others, others it takes a bit to warm up to but some of them fit right in from the first time you meet them.

Christy has been planning this wedding, her and Tony's day for awhile now and I am pretty sure it was everything she wanted. The bride was beautiful the dress was gorgeous, the food amazing, the speeches made us all cry like good speeches should. My uncle, the father of the bride, made gave a wonderful speech. The maid of honor soon to be brides sister in law next September gave a great speech too. The cake was dreamy. It was a great day. Derek was sick off and on most of it and it hit him hard about the time the dancing started and we had to bail. He came home and went to bed but we got to share the day with Tony and Christy and that's all the matters. Soon they the bride and groom will be lounging on a beach in Hawaii.

Christy and Tony exchanging vows.
The wedding party.
Me, my aunt, the bride and my mother. My mom had just given Christy a very special family rosary.

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