Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Early Morning Fun

I was in the middle of dream where Brad Pitt and I were in the back of a pick up truck. He was dressed like Jesus and we were riding down the strip in Las Vegas. He was eating cheese and bread and was so happy to see me. Then we stopped at Olive Garden for dinner and they wanted to charge me $880 for dinner and I was so mad I wanted to slap the waitress.

I am getting back into the truck with Brad and then...snap I am awake...Joseph comes running into our room "Mama Derek needs you" I jump out of bed and go to see Derek. He is in bed saying his neck hurts and he can't move. My still very groggy mind who wants to go back to Brad tries to figure out what happened. I go through the questions...sore throat? fever? swollen glands? He was full blown crying and complaining. Joseph is crying he's so scared Derek has broken his neck. He wants to get him an otter pop to make him better. Thank goodness Dominic was still home. My combat life saver trained husband starts doing his thing. Asking him a million questions moving things just enough while Joseph and I are getting water and otter pops.

In the end it turns out Derek slept wrong and has a horrible stiff neck. He has never had this before so I think it scared him. Joseph is still worried about him saying his neck is broken and he has to go to the hospital which sends Derek into fits of hysterics about the hospital. Joseph is sure that an otter pop every hour on the hour sill help. Good grief.

Just another morning at our house.


Anonymous said...

You know this has my dream juices flowing. Anytime there is a car, it should have to do with where you are headed. I'll have to look that up. :)


Anonymous said...

What the hell did you eat before you went to bed that you would be having dinner with Brad Pitt??? Just saying.. Love, AuntSue