Thursday, October 16, 2008


You may recall the little girl in Joseph's class that is allergic to peanuts. We can't send any peanut anything to class ever at all.
Yesterday was the field trip and Joe and I had to bring a lunch. I made Derek's lunch and our lunch quick and in a hurry and realized that dang it I made us all peanut butter and jelly sandwich's. I had few alternatives so I had to go with it and just stay away from peanut girl.
We get to the school and I am in charge of Joe and most parents were in charge of their own kids. At the last minute Joe's teacher comes to me and says "Can you keep on eye on Kerry her mom couldn't come?" "sure" I say. Then his teacher says....
"Oh just be careful she has a peanut allergy. I have an epi pen" and then I almost died.
So quickly I am thinking we just won't eat our sandwiches we'll eat the rest of our lunch and not those it will be fine. I am sweating it, thinking there must be nearly 20 parents here and I the one that broke the rule gets the ultimate pay back and I get PEANUT GIRL.
Thankfully before we even got on the bus Kerry was kind of sad to be with a boy and wanted to be with her friend so Joe's teacher took her and gave her to another mom that had a girl and hopefully no smuggled peanut butter sandwich's.
phew...that was a close one!

Joe loved the piggies and as you can see they aren't eating any peanut butter sandwichs.

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Tracy said...

Hi! I'm a mom of a boy with peanut allergies who surfed in via google alerts - good for you for looking out for the little girl with peanut alleries! I know I really appreciate the way other parents help out.

I hope you don't mind if I share one thing, though. I had to wince when you called Kelly "peanut girl" because I know how my son feels when he's labeled that way. There's a rule of thumb in dealing with kids with disabilities - put the child first. So it would be "the boy with autism" rather than the "austic boy", and the "boy with a peanut allergy" instead of "peanut boy."

I know you were just using short hand and didn't mean any harm, but I thought it might help to share my perspective.

Again, I really appreciate your being careful of that little girl - I'm glad there are parents like you in the world.