Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shouldn't happen this way.

I am a long standing proponent of the law that states that "No parent shall ever have to bury one's child" I think it's a grief one should never have to bare.
It always makes me gather my boys (or my chickens as I call them) for big squeezes and extra smooches that luckily they are not too old to tolerate.

My heart goes out this evening to Tina and Tran. My dear friend Buffie's sister Tina and her husband. I have know Buffie and Tina since I was in 4th grade. Tina was married earlier this year. A wonderful year off to such a wonderful start, a new marriage and a new baby on the way but it all went wrong and sweet baby Bailee never took her first breath. There is nothing I can say to them. I have no idea what they are feeling. I am so sorry Tina, so very sorry for your loss. Know this Buffie, Tina and Tran, Granny and Pa are holding sweet Bailee and she is good hands.

My heart goes out to Phil and Isabel that will bury their daughter this weekend. She just turned 30, the same age as my cousin Ryan. They were the girls that lived behind my aunt with the swimming pool that we would swim in when Ryan was little. So close in age those sisters, Phil and Isabel's daughters, I swore they were twins. I watched those girls grow up along with my cousin. Thirty is when your adult life begins,now when one's life should not be ending.

So take a moment and squeeze your babies. Hug your spouse. Take a look at the fall leaves or the wind moving the clouds in. There are two new spirits in Heaven that are missed here on earth and our hearts are heavy.

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