Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PJ kind of day

It's a rainy day here in T town. Finally! It's just after 11 and the boys and I are still in our jammies. Should we change? I don't think I want to. I feel guilty not dressed with Dom and my mom and dad and other family members at work but I have to say that some days I am running and doing a lot and today I think I am just going to chill. That seems fair enough right?

I thought I was going to have a test to study for over the Thanksgiving Holiday but my teacher pushed it back and I almost did a cartwheel out to the car. So I might work on Christmas cards and fudge and watch hockey. Heaven. I cannot wait for tomorrow. My aunt and uncle do a wonderful job on Thanksgiving. All the food is always perfect. I can't wait for the cracker corn and turkey and cranberry sauce. I always look forward to seeing my cousins I dont see much. I always feel sort of weird at these events. Not with the young crowd, newly married, planning weddings, taking trips. Not with the old crowd, just sort of in the middle. Have to work on that.

Joseph is itching to go to Disneyland. All of the sudden out of the blue he's all about Disneyland. Talking about the rides and when he sees a picture of or a commercial he asks "is that it?" We have to find a way to get him there quick. He's never been and Derek hasn't been since he was 5. It just seems there is never any time or money for it. Last night I dreamt that someone stole the Nissan. Another reason to stay home and keep it under lock and key and safe (ha!) in the garage.

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Anonymous said...

did you ever decide to get dressed tday or not Tammy? Just wondering. Love, aunt sue