Monday, November 03, 2008

Random stuff from Fox News.

CHASSELL TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Upper Peninsula authorities are investigating the accidental shooting of a man who was in the woods with his 3-year-old son.
A Houghton County sheriff's department news release says 37-year-old Albert Miller of Chassell Township was with his son, Adam, when the boy fell and caused Miller's .22-caliber weapon to fire.
WLUC-TV says a bullet penetrated Miller's lung. He underwent surgery and was in stable condition at Portage Health System.
The shooting happened Saturday in Chassell Township.

This brings so many questions to mind.

1. So this man says "I am taking Adam out shooting this weekend" and the mother said "You betcha have fun Maverick"
2. Was the boy carrying the LOAD gun?
3. Was alcohol involved?
4. Does this man get to get better and get to keep being a parent? I am hoping some jail time or fine or something takes place. At least pull his NRA membership gee whiz.


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