Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am down to the last days of this semester. I have two finals and two final projects to complete by Tuesday. Then I am on winter break until the next semester begins in January. After that semester I have just 2 classes left and then I am done. I cannot believe how very close I am to being done.

Tonight I feel like I am running a marathon or what I imagine a marathon must feel like. This is the first time I have sat down today and it hit me, I am so darn timed and I have some homework to work on. I worked in Joseph's classroom today, made dinner, cleaned up, did laundry, talked to the lender it's been go go go, wheels turning, turning and I am ready to go to bed. I will as soon as my homework is done.
Sometimes saying I am tired is like saying I have dark hair. If you know me you know I have dark hair. If you know me you know I am tired and have been for a few years now.
I am not complaining and there isn't anything anyone can do I am just saying this is where I am right now. This is where I am coming from.
It's going to be worth it. It is happy busy. I am lucky to have as much as I do to get done and have to do. Children to care for, a husband to care for, a home to buy, school to finish. I am blessed with these opportunities.

Oh, hey by the way, did you all see the Tracy Press today?


Balancing Act; Jenn said...

Went to Tracy Press and didn't see anything. Point me to what I'm looking at :)


Anonymous said...

I saw a Tracy Press this morning. Looked pretty much like any other Tracy Press. Did I miss something?