Thursday, December 18, 2008

It only happens once a year.

The boys are crazy. Crazy. Tomorrow is the last day of school for them. Parties, pizza and gingerbread houses. Tonight Dominic is slaving away over the popetes and I am like a cat just looking for a warm place to curl up and be left alone. I go sniff around in the kitchen and check on things only to find they aren't done yet and back I go looking for some place warm. I am not having much luck finding that warm spot.
I have to get my teacher gifts ready for tomorrow. Dominic made fudge last night and lordy was it good. He really is a great cook. He bakes well and cooks well.

It is crazy cold here. I mean crazy cold. Like 40 something most of the day. What is up with that? Snow in Las Vegas? My God! Snow on Mt. Diablo? Gee whiz!
I am beginning to the boys aren't going to sleep again till St. Patricks day. Between all the sugary goodness the holidays bring the pure excitement of the cold cold weather and Christmas goodness me are they excited. I am off to put on my footy jammies and blend in with the couch.

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