Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just wait.

I have never had much patience. With Derek when he was a toddler I had none. Zip. So along came Joe. I'll show you I think God said. Along came our Joe and we have all had to get some patience. Try putting your socks on with one hand. Try putting your shoe on with one hand. Try standing and watching a 5 year old do it as he says "I do it" and you're late but you just have to sit and let him do it. I am learning God. I get it. Just because I asked for something does not mean you're going to dump it on my door step. I believe you're going to give me a situation to try out my newly acquired patience or learn to help myself. Don't give a man a fish, teach him how to fish type of thing. (Have I made you crazy Uncle Phil yet? He has a much better handle on this God thing than I do. Even my Uncle Ken and Aunt Nancy have a better grip then I do but I am working on it)

So... the realtor called, the lender called my test is done and I have to ... you guessed it wait. I cannot make the ball roll any faster our file sits on this desk for the offer, sit and wait. My test is waiting to be graded, the final grade hasn't posted yet. Wait. I have a final tonight I am finding it hard to study for. I figure I only need a 70 on it to pull a juicy B in the class and given the circumstances I'll take it.
Derek is home sick today. There are a million things today and the Lender in his suave Lender voice says "Can you fax this over to me..." sure no problem doesn't everyone have a fax machine in their house? Well apparently I do Dom tells me who knew. I just have to be patient and wait. I think I feel like the kids do. They are eyeballing the presents. Counting down the days. I feel ya kids, I feel ya.

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Anonymous said...

If you belive that God and his son is in charge of your life(and sometimes I forget too) it is always in His time and not ours. When I was young, I did not have the word "patience" in my life either. I guess patience comes with age. Maybe Joseph is using up all of it for now!! Just remember when you get your house it will mean all that much more. Sometimes waiting can be good. Uncle Phil