Sunday, January 25, 2009


I got Dominic this book for Christmas called The PuzzleMaster by Will Shortz. It's a fun book and we have been working on some of the puzzles at night with the boys. It's full of all kinds of different word puzzles. They are pretty tough. For example one of them is to take the numbers you would dial on a phone
6-8-7-6-8-7-6-8-7 and spell a nine letter word. That bugged me for almost a whole day until I gave up and looked it up (by the way it spells Murmurous if you're interested)

So the other day he gives me this puzzle

"My name is Thomas.... I GO BUG SHARON" and so you arrange the letters of "I GO BUG SHARON" to make this guys last name. Lordy it's been making me crazy. CRAZY!
I have tried a million combinations to find out who this is. So today I caved. I could not take it any more! So I cheated and looked at the back of the book to find it's Thomas Gainsborough. Who you ask? A 17th century painter. This guy.

Sigh. I never would have figured that out!
Now I can let it go until he gives me another one tonight.....


Balancing Act; Jenn said...

Holy Cow I would just throw that book away. I'd be in fits not knowing what the puzzles meant. I'm like you-but more intense. I would literally look it up the moment I knew I didn't know it. Phewy.

Anonymous said...

My name is am zen.