Sunday, February 22, 2009


I don't know where the bug came from that has been in my house for over a week now but I wish it would go away. We are bombarding it with antibiotics, Advil and Tylenol and still it stays.
Derek was sick. Went to the doctor. A virus they said. Rest, fluids he perked up a bit. Then it hit Dominic and he took two days off of work and he never does that. Then before my eyes Joseph became ill, fever, chills, grumpy. So off to the doctor we go and sure enough Joe is sick and oh can you look in Derek's ear it's still bothering him, yes double ear infection. Now everyone is on antibiotics and some crazy eye infection lingers for Dom and Joseph with these horrible red gooey eyes. It's so gross and looks so painful! Here we are nearly a week later and still no one seems all that much better. sigh. On top of this darn report for Derek and the science fair project.

How I have managed to not get sick is a mystery to me, it really is. I have been taking care of everyone. Dom and the boys aren't sleeping all that well and they are bugging me cuz I am the momma, make it better so I am trying to help them but darn if I am stumped. My tooth is bugging me and I am not getting it pulled until March 4th so I am trying to limp along.
So I am MIA while I get my boys better and get these projects down and try to unpack and pick paint colors and pursued my sick hubby to let me mow the lawn before we can't find the front door.
Hope you're all doing well. May the buy stay away from your door. Sorry to be complaining it's the one thing we all are still really good at around here in spite of being terrible ill.

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Anonymous said...

The red/goopy eye thing is probably "pink eye" (conjuctivitis) and you need a specific eye drop. It's very contagious between both eyes and anyone who touches anyone else. Good luck. Aunt Suzanne