Monday, February 16, 2009


Joseph commented the other morning that he was home sick for the other house. It's hard. This one doesn't feel like home yet. I think we're too busy to enjoy it yet. There are things he likes about this one but it's not his home yet.

Oh lordy my landlord put me through the wringer going over every tiny hole in every wall. Kill me. THEN my neighbor comes over and aske me to ask her if there is any work to be one he could do it for her. I say "Well talk to her yourself she's right here" and do you know he just walked away. Whatever! Jerk. So don't miss you.
She wanted me to paint and fill holes so she wouldn't have to charge me I said forget it. I think the chances of seeing much our deposit aren't good.

There is a monkey living at my house. Thanks Jill we love it. I shall try to reattch his arm pronto it came off while Joseph was playing with him.

We can park my car in the garage now and that my friends was no easy accomplishment. I am pooped!

We have 4 rooms totally painted. Painting is not fun for me at all.


Nancy said...

Looking on the bright side, Tammy, you will never again have to worry about getting a deposit back from a landlord!!

Jill Dose said...

Oh, sorry about the monkey arm. I'm using a stronger thread now. Dang, if we lived closer I could repair him for you.

ザイツェヴ said...

Since I'm away, my house in Tracy is rented out.

My agent said "bah, there's usually less than $6k damage when renters move out". Deposit, hah. It's just an incentive for some renters to behave... Not so much for others.

Oddly enough we got ours back when we left the last rental (a townhouse in Fremont).