Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where the crazy is.

Hey how ya doin?
The crazy lives here don't you know.
I have a paper and a presentation due tonight that I just found out about Tuesday. Derek is home sick. Valentines day is Saturday, tomorrow is my mom's birthday and Wednesday's is Dominic's. I have to start my internship ASAP and Dom wants to use our tax return to take the boys to Disneyland in the spring so we are trying to get tickets and reservations before we spend it all on new toilet seats and paint.
The house is still a mess, we are still in the process of painting two rooms and don't even look in my garage or heaven's my closet. sigh.
But it feels like home more so than I think the other place ever did and I cannot wait to hang out in the backyard this spring/summer.
So if we can just get through tonight's presentation, tomorrow's parties at school, I think it will all be good.
I am sure something will come up

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