Monday, March 30, 2009

Fed Ex Kinkos

I want to let you all know about something that happened to me at Fed Ex Kinko's the disturbed a little.
I went and made a copy at our local Kinko's and while I was there I left my original in the machine. After I was home and realized what I had done I called them and asked them what they did with the originals. They told me the keep them in a lost and found box and I could come get it if it was turned it.
So I went back to the shop/store and told the lady I had just called and I had left my original. I was ready with my id and the copy I had made thinking she would look and give me my original. Nope she gave me the lost and found box! My original was on top and I got it quickly. Under mine was other peoples originals ( a nearly 1 ft stack of paper) including credit card statements, bank statements, lease agreements, you name. No one cared what I took. I could have gone around to every Kinko's nearby and collected all kinds of things.
I think I might have felt better if they just shredded everything.
So beware my friends. I intend to contact them and ask them to maybe change the policy. At least ask for ID or something.
This was very disturbing to me so be careful when using public copy machines in these times we live in.

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