Thursday, March 05, 2009

More important

There is so much I could talk about My birthday (which was really, really nice, thank you everyone who sent greetings) How sick I am and how that makes me crazy. The house and all that we have done to it the past week! The vacation we booked (I haven't booked a vacation in 5 years!)
The IEP coming up for Joe.
The meeting with the orthopedist for Joe.
The meeting with the resource specialist for Joe
The flip that has switched in my Derek and he's doing homework and baking brownies and his handwriting is neat.
The internship I start next week.
The tooth still in my head.

But no.
You see we live in a new neighborhood. I have not had the talk with the neighbors. I am not sure I will. No, I am sure I will. Just not ready to. I don't know if they have seen the differences in Joe...yet. The boys he plays with do not seem to care. He has done things in front of neighbors that I have seen their faces tweek an odd look but they haven't said anything....yet.

And so Rob post today about his daughter and it all sets on my various body parts. My head. My heart. My stomach.
You know how I love Rob. You know how he always has the right words.
Go read Rob today. I think Joe lives in that world too...

*** Blogger or my server is being crazy lately. It's making me extra grumpy. It won't letme link but you can cut and paste the link.

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