Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday where have you been?

When I get up on a Monday morning and I look down the long week ahead and I see all that I have to do and all that I know will end up on my plate I think to myself "I am not gonna survive this" and yet every week I do.
I like Thursdays, always have. It means the week is almost over. The weekend is right....there.
Tuesdays are the hardest days for me they are long and go late into the night. Wednesdays are busy but Thursday's are cruise days. I don't have as much on my plate...nice.
I have been adding my intern hours along with my mom hours, wife hours (ok wife 15 minutes or so) and school time, project time, homework time, laundry time you get the idea. So I actually have to dress like I have a job to go to every day and have my stuff together. After I put in my intern hours I dash off to school. I am a dasher this week for sure. It's been fun and interesting and challenging. I love the school I am working at. I love the kids. It's great. I love the room I get to hang out in I am gonna miss it and it makes me very anxious to be done with school and get out in to the field.
So I am going to go and enjoy Thursday and really enjoy Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be a blast too. I am so glad I made it through the week!

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