Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Days like this.

Where are the words today? Sandra Cantu has been found. Sadly, not alive. She is returned to her family, for burial.
Who is responsible for the body of an 8 year old girl found in a suitcase? www.tracypress.com

What words are there?
With our hearts still heavy from the shock of 4 police officers being shot, we now face another tragedy. Who has done this?
Where will we point the finger?

Dominic wants to smoother the boys. Hold them tight. Not them out of our sight.
Yes it's easy to want to do that. Yes I want to lock my doors and never leave. But, I want to teach them everything they need to know to trust their guts, to run to fight to stay away from every thing that does not feel right. To listen to that voice that says run or fight or leave. To be alert. To pay attention. To take some time to stay with a friend waiting for a parent to pick them up. To not go inside and leave a buddy outside alone.

I think the person responsible was rushed. In a hurry. I think the person will be found and soon.
I think they left clues.
My heart goes out to our police officers. Especially Tracy police Sgt. Tony Sheneman. I can tell these days have been hard on him every time he makes a statement. I know as a father these days have been difficult for him. He's a wonderful man with a great family. I think he really wanted to bring Sandra home but in the end she is in a much better place. I think he too wants to lock his family away and keep them safe. I think he wants to make this town safe for all of us and all of our children. He and his team will find who is responsible for this.

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