Friday, April 03, 2009

Still Searching

Tonight a helicopter flies over our town. Looking for a lost little girl. Still missing for seven days now. What on earth happened to her? Where is she? As I drove across town tonight with the helicopter over head, and Joseph pointing out the pictures of little Sandra that are all over town. He doesn't like them. I think they scare him. My boys ask what happened to her? Where is she? How did she just disapper? I don't know guys, I don't know.
Why are there fliers everywhere? To remind us she's gone. As if we needed it.

I think perhaps finding a needle in a haystack might be easier. Couldnt you use a magnet? Where could an 8 year old girl be? In a trunk? A box? A bag? How far away from our town could she be after these many days? Hair cut, shortened? Under a cap? Sedated and drowsey? In a van, a truck?

While we spent last Friday with heavy hearts and eyes cast downward to mourn a fallen officer did someone take advantage of our sorrow and our grief and move in on a helpless vicitim? Did a mom too comfortable with her tiny community take it for granted that her daughter was safe and not call authorities till her daughter had been gone 4 hours? I can be in Neveda almost Arizona or Oregon in 4 hours.
By now I am worried about what this girl has been exposed to over the last 7 days away from her home, her family.

How does a helicopter flying overhead find a tiny lost little girl?
How does a diver in a fast moving river find a lost little girl?
How do we find this girl?

I think we think like a criminal. I think we dont look for a blond girl. I think we look at things that just don't look right.
I would rather look for a needle right now.
I pray for you and your family Sandra. This whole town is praying and searching for you. Still. Searching.

** Spell check on Blogger not working and I am too tired and I am going to go hold my boys tight. Sorry for the errors.

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