Friday, May 08, 2009

Where have I been?

Let me tell you it's been crazy. I knew adding a puppy to the mix would add some "stress" I had no idea that things that are happening would happen.
Derek adores her. Joseph is a great care taker.. my husband is done with her.
D O N E.
He does not interact with her. He is not happy with here.
Usually I cave. Usually I would say "Ok then take her back" but not this time. I love her, the boys love her and it would break Derek's heart if we took her back. Derek is not happy that daddy is so upset. It's just crazy. She's a great dog. She really is. She likes her crate. She does her business outside. She chews but all puppies do. I am working with her to be a good dog, Lord knows that I am. But every little mistake is huge trouble for her.
Mind you I have gone through this before when Derek was little. He'll get over it.
So my time is spent in crisis mode around here oh and sweet puppy on my lap mode which is just fine by me.
She slept through that whole night last night. How great is that?
I keep telling her she has to stay out of big trouble. She is only allowed little trouble. I hope she listens to me.

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Anonymous said...

She looks sooo cute. Dogs are so good for kids but they are tons of work for parents. Phil always took over when our girls slacked off (which was most of the time). I don't know how I would have managed if he hadn't. We will hope Dom gets more attached and that Stella only gets in "little" troubles. Love Suzanne