Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Time

I have been chewing on this for a few days. Trying to find the right words. Trying to figure out exactly what to say.
I am at a loss. I don't have the right anything.

When the phone rings late in the evening it's rarely good news. Our good friend John called about 9:45 the other night and talked to Dom. I couldn't hear the conversation but it didn't sound good.
Dom wouldn't tell me what the call was about until after the kids were in bed then he dropped the bomb. John's father Keith had passed away suddenly while at work that morning. I was shocked. Keith was pretty much a healthy guy. One of the last people you would expect to have something like that happen. He was just shy of his 59th birthday.
I was sad. I was sad for John and his daughter, I was sad for Keith's wife Maurine. I was sad for Keith's other sons and his other grand daughter. Almost 14 years ago we lost Dom's dad to something striking similar. A healthy man in his fifties laid down to go to bed with a horrible headache and never wakes up. In a moment. Gone.

I could share stories of Keith. I could tell you how it feels like I have just always known him and Maurine and John. I can't tell you how we met. The day. The time. They have just sort of always been intertwined into our lives.
I could tell you how Keith could make a face with this nose scrunched up and his eyes slightly closed and say "Why are you going to do that?" or "What's a Barista?"
and crack me up. You know the look he gave. I can tell you he loved stale pop corn. His family has more stories, more memories than I do. He and Maurine always had an open door to their home. Sitting side by side in recliners or easy chairs like the King and Queen no matter what you needed or had to share or just knew they would listen. Huge glasses of ice tea by their sides. You could find them there.
People say everything happens for a reason. I can't tell you the reason Keith left this earth just a little too early in my opinion.
I can tell you Maurine and John and the rest of your family we love ya and we always have. I can tell you we are here for you whatever you need. You know my folks are down the street and all you have to do is call.
I hope Keith and Brownie are in heaven eating stale popcorn and maybe watching some old movies or a great race feeding Blackie some hot dogs.
I hope you know how much we will all miss you.
Keith Castro

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Donna said...

Sorry for your loss. When my mom died, it happened in a matter of hours. Woke up, had some coffee then got the headache that eventually killed her. Life sucks when the unexpected occurs.