Thursday, July 09, 2009

Funny Things Boys Say

* The boys across the street are just precious and wonderful.
They like to play Mario Kart on the Wii. They like the Grand Prix races. They call it the Grand Pricks. "let's play the Grand Pricks" it cracks me up every darn time they say it.

* Same boys... were playing Nerf war with Derek. They had been using the walkie talkies and they ran out of batteries and Derek brought them in for Dom to look at. Dom told him they needed batteries and weren't working. Precious boy comes in and says "Oh Joseph grab the walkie talkies" Joseph grabs one and I say "Oh Precious boy they aren't working" and Precious boy says "How about the other one?"
Hmm can you use one walkie talkie...without the other one?.... I am just wondering.

* Precious boy and his brother and Joseph were in the bedroom watching tv, the same room I was in. Apparently Precious boy had to break wind, pass gas and he says "Oh that was me just fan it out the window".

Oh gee, boys say the darndest thing.

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