Monday, July 20, 2009

It was SOME party

The week leading up the party nearly killed me. With Derek being sick and his ER visit. Joe taking a tumble and HIS ER visit. The heat. The planning. The few RSVP's we did get and the ones we didn't I wasn't sure how it was going to go down. The slip in the bath tub I took and got a major bruise from and the cold I caught just a few days before the party. Along with the painting completed Friday night (not even kidding!)

In the was great.
The jump house was perfect. The water balloons were the best. The pinata was big fun. The food and the cake was pretty good and the company was just what we needed. Like a warm hug, friends and family always help you just when you need it.
Joe had a great time and Derek is planning his party. (good grief)
Thanks to everyone who sent Joe birthday wishes and came to the party.
Thanks (always) to Nana and Papa for all of the help they always give ($) and moving those darn tables around (lets invest in some nice light weight ones for the attic what do you think?)

So now we are chilling out (trying to anyway!) and getting ready for a brief stint of summer school that starts next week for Joe and real school that starts for us in a few weeks. A super cool wedding along with an over night trip we are looking forward to the last few summer days and nights we have left.

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