Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Crazy Boy

In the blink of an eye my crazy boy turned 6. He's been counting down the days. Asking. Waiting for it. "What day is it?" he'll ask. "Tomorrow I am going to be 6" and today he said "I feel sort of different"
We spent the day showering him with the love.
Daddy got him a balloon that made Stella crazy and she barked at for hours.
Breakfast at Ihop.
The movies (Transformers for him and daddy, Harry Potter for me and Derek)
The boardwalk in Santa Cruz for him and daddy. A trip to the doctor for me and Derek. Plus gifts we pulled out here and there through out the day.
I have just filled 100 water balloons for his party.
I think he had a good day.

The way I see it, with a husband that went to Iraq, the health problems Derek was born with and seems to still struggle with even now at almost 12 years old and the stroke Joe suffered none of them really should be here with me. Every extra moment is gravy. Extra special. Gifts to me.
I am happy about that.
Now to hit the hay with my sick Derek and wait for my Joe to come home.
Happy Birthday Joe.


Susan Yonano said...

I like the Happy New Year signs for Joe's Birthday. A new year of life. Cool idea....

Anonymous said...

They should ALL be there with you!!
Don't ever think otherwise!