Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Stella Chronicles

You know I am Stellas biggest fan. I am. She doesn't have a lot of fans to begin with. However today it's been rough for me to be her fan.
She slept in a little which was good. But then she decided that while I was checking on my tomatoes she should take a morning jog down the street all the way to the park. So we chased her in our jammies to the park. Nothing like a morning jog to wake you up. I had to carry her all the way home.

After that she decided to find some feminine products under my sink and chew up the WHOLE bag. While I am cleaning that up and talking to Dom about the Sharks making some much needed player changes, she got a hold of the plastic bags from the grocery stores and strung those about the living room.
I cleaned those up and sat down to have a drink of water...she put her nose in my water and took my ice cube. sigh.
I can't wait for Dom to get home and see what she does to him. It should be a great evening around here.

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donna said...

Try to remember that she is still a puppy! Post a picture of her, that'll make you feel good. Funny puppy pics always bring a smile. Hang in there! One day when you are on your way home, you'll think of her and just knowing that she'll be waiting by the door for YOU will bring a smile to your face.