Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day update

photo by Whitney Dee Kahn

Well it went well for everyone. Derek really likes his teachers. Joseph likes his too. Joseph likes his buddy's in his class. One little girl threw up her cereal which was big news for Joe to report. We got to see some old friends (me too some mom's I hadn't seen all summer) and meet some new moms too. That is the best part for me, reconnecting with the moms.
Now it's off to take the boys to their special back to school dinner (Golden Corral of all things!) and get some school supplies the teachers want them to have.
This year is going to fly by I can feel it but it feels good to have a first grader and a jr high(er) they are more independent which means we must be doing something right. They are growing up to be good boys and that pleases me.
Hope everyone first day went as well.

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