Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a day.

Last week Dom found a part had broken off of our gas meter. So I called PGE and they came out and said they couldn't fix it they would be back Monday. Said it wasn't a big deal and so it went. Monday they came they fixed it and all was well and they left....except we didn't have any hot water. All day Monday, all day Tuesday and all of today. No hot water. I call them back they say they'll be out tomorrow. UGH. So I walk over to the meter and find it's leaking, I smell gas. I had a small freak out and called them back.
I waited all day for them. I couldn't go the store, I couldn't start my car, I was stuck. I couldn't do laundry, the dishes (I know, poor me right?) it a small gas leak. (enough of a leak to freak me out a little)
My day was shot. So I did some homework and took a nap. Thank you PGE. Now I am behind in housework but so it goes.
The guy that came out was wonderful, all is fixed and great. No more cold showers for us.

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