Sunday, October 25, 2009

Please dont let me be sick.

My throat is sore. My eyes are dry and burning. They have been for a few days actually. Please don't let me be sick. If I am sick I can't go see my dad tomorrow. It almost feels like my allergies are bugging me. The whole burning eye thing leads me to believe this might be the case. I am hoping Papa will be home soon maybe sometime this week. He's doing so much better don't want to rush it but that drive oh gosh it's a killer. All he needs and wants to do is rest so you get there and you see him and you know he just needs to sleep so what can you do? It's been a heck of a week.
Dom and I have a quiz and a test to take today in Algebra and a house full of boys. Good God! Wish us luck.
I am drinking tea, taking meds hoping to keep this cold away. If not I guess Dom and my mom will go to Stanford tomorrow and that's ok.

Glad Stanford won yesterday it was homecoming for them. Didn't see the game but it sounded like it was a good one. Glad the Bears won too. More into College ball this year than NFL. Of course our first love is NHL. Joseph had a great game yesterday too. He played really well and made a great pass. They won 2-0 and one boy on the other team started crying and Joe was very sad for him. It was sweet for Joe to say "It's just a game it doesn't matter really who wins as long as you have fun and learn" WOW. I credit his dad and his really great coach, Coach Miguel for teaching him that. The Kahn in me is way to competitive to really be that way.
Ok off to take a quiz. UGH.

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