Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today my mind always heads to Virginia. To a little boy I never met but heard coo over the phone in his mom's arms as he was just a few weeks old. Born with a troubled heart. A routine (is it ever routine when it's heart? When it's a small child?)surgery that ended up going wrong. We followed the news from across the country. As his health deteriorated. Then in the blink of an eye he was gone. To heaven. I could not believe he was gone. This was not how this was suppose to happen.
Today is Lucas' birthday. My heart is as heavy as it always gets.

Today my dad went to Stanford for a check up. To have his staples removed. Last night he was short of breath. A fever creeping in on him. Didn't look well to me. Can't get comfortable. Can't get any sleep. I was worried. I felt bad for him. He said he was feeling bloated. Today they find the opening of the esophagus into the stomach (the part they moved around ) is leaking.
So in they went at 5 pm for a 3 hour surgery to repair it tonight.
My heart is heavy. I hope this helps him feel better. I know how much he hates hospitals. I know how hard this has been on him.
I hope that he is "strong" enough for this latest operation. I hope the recovery goes better for him.

So who shall you pray to? Grandma would know what Saint. Do you? Well the Saint for surgeons and medical staff sounds good to me and who is that? St. Luke. But of course.

So the gang is assembled in heaven. My grandmother. My aunt, my uncle and baby Lucas his wings a fluttering. I need these souls tonight. Papa needs them tonight. If you don't mind send up a prayer or too as well I would appreciate it.

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