Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The wind it came. The rain it fell. It was wonderful. The storm I have been waiting for. I walked into my bedroom a moment ago and it was very chilly, felt like a typical winter evening. I have been waiting for this.
I spent the day out in it running. Here and there. Getting Dad some new jammies. A log for the fireplace. Making cookies and a stew. Cutting my finger cutting potatoes. sigh.
Our neighbors tree came down on their garage. They have a wonderful yard and I was kind of sad to see the tree down.
Stella was in and out and back in again with muddy feet and wet hair.
Dad was doing better today I think. He looked better. If he could get some good sleep I think he'd be great. Hopefully once the stitches are removed he'll be able to sleep.
It saddens me that Joe still cries some days when I drop him off. I am glad he has buddies to play with. I love to hear him reading to me at night his sight words and open court books. I love to see him playing soccer running with his friends. Yet, I wish I did not see how tight his arm is when it's cold. I wish my rubbing it would loosen it up. I am so afraid he's going to fall on it.
Derek is loving art and home economics. He loves to make things. He's bored with other classes. He is enjoying the 1 mile runs they do. Dom's family has been known to be track stars. It seems to have helped his asthma.
The only question left tonight... when shall I put the flannel sheets on? Too soon yes?

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