Friday, November 06, 2009

The day after.

Yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary. It was a sweet day. I made Lasagna and a cake for Dom and he bought me flowers. We ate at home with the boys and then I plugged the sink up. Ho hum. We went to bed exhausted at 9 pm. Not even kidding.

My dad is still at Stanford. I wouldn't say he's doing better today. I don't even know what to say. My mom says "he's still in the hospital" and leaves it at that. It's the 30 day mark if you're counting and by the way, we are.
The crazy talk continues and he can't really sleep. He's constantly talking and moving about in his sleep. He is a picture of one exhausted person. He'll ask you random questions "Are my turnips done?" "Where's my uniform?" things like that and then go and ask about the boys or the Evil Dog.

The boys will randomly ask about him "Will he look different?" He does a little. No beard, smaller belly, thinner face and arms. Slower walk.
"When is he coming home?" wish I knew.
"Why is he sick again?" I tell them the story.
"Can I see his belly" From Joe and Derek turns green and asks if he has to see it and tell him no he doesn't.
We had Nana over for dinner tonight and it's always good for them and her too to hang out a bit.
So there you have it.
Every day wears me out. I worked in Joe's class today which is always fun, those 6 year old say the darndest things. Zac said to me "Do you know I weigh about 50 pounds?" to which I replied "Do you know that I do not?" A fire truck goes by and Joe's teacher says "Oh no it sounds like someone is having some trouble" and Maryum says "I know who" and his teacher says "No you don't" and she says "Yes I do" and she says "That's right I forgot you know everything all the time" and Maryum says "Yes I do" too funny.
Being with them is good for my soul. Well that and tracing 40 turkeys for a project that's good too.

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