Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Here we are the eve before Thanksgiving. The fire is roaring (well, as much as a Dura flame log can roar) our bellies are full, we have shelter and each other.
What more could we want?

We can always ask, hope and wish for more but not tonight. Not tomorrow.

I am thankful for I have before me. I am thankful for what I surround myself with.
My family near and far. Those that I will spend the day with tomorrow and those that I won't. My friends. The ones I speak to often or email or that stop here to glimpse into my life and leave a kind word. The health of those I love. The days I have spent and the days before me. The stars, the moon and the sun and yes even the clouds in my sky, kisses on my cheek, hugs from my arms. Kind words and warm smiles. The always wagging tail of our dog.
Those that we have loved and lost. Those that we have yet to love.
I am blessed. I am thankful. I am full.
I pray for blessings, and fullness for all of you as well.

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