Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas in the house.

Today Dom took the day off and we took a break from homework (*we will pay dearly for that tomorrow) Grabbed my uncles truck and went to cut our Christmas tree. It was perfect. Cold. Cloudy. We went to a new place in CastroValley and it was HUGE. 10 acres of trees and wilderness. If you cannot find a tree there something is wrong with you.

We found one.

Brought it home and headed to the Tracy Parade. It wasn't half bad. So good to see the Tracy High Band. So good to see Santa and Mrs. Clause (aka Mr and Mrs Routt)
Grabbed some KFC and finished up the decorating.

Stella so far has survived her first Christmas tree experience (she keeps drinking the water in the tree stand but other than that she's leaving it alone) and we took her to the parade and she did ok. She barked whenever someone left the parade route and came near us to give the boys some candy or a sticker but hey wouldn't you bark if a giant present with legs or a giant mouse came at you?
I am beyond exhausted and ready to take my biology book to bed with me and call it a night.

I think it's a great tree.

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