Monday, December 14, 2009

Festival of lights.

Last night Joseph's teacher invited us over for a traditional Jewish Hanukkah meal. She made latkes, which Derek loved, shared the blessing with us and let Joseph light the Menorah. We ended the evening with donut holes and pretzels. It was such a evening and I am so glad she shared this with us. The food was wonderful and the boys loved it.

The boys had such a good time. Then on the way to school Derek told a classmate that he celebrated Hanukkah last night and the boys said to him "Jews are stupid." Nice.

It didn't bother him much I think that he responded that Jesus was probably Jewish since Christianity didn't come about really until after Jesus died.
We haven't raised the boys under any religion but we have raised them to respect other's choices. I am glad we can celebrate Hanukkah with friends and Christmas too and it's all good for the boys. Derek is looking forward to Passover not so sure he's going to like matzah balls as much as he liked donuts and latkes.

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