Friday, December 25, 2009

::: yawn:::

Merry Christmas every one. Hope you all had a nice a day as we did. So much to say about the day but I am too darn tired and my boys got me a new book I am dying to dive into so I must go.

I will tell you about .....
my aunt asking me every 5 minutes "where's my camera?" I was about ready to staple it to her wrist.

the wonderful gifts the boys and I got.

my mother cleaning my floor after I was attacked by flying Sprite cans.

Joseph's pink eye...yeah.

It was a fun day and I am pooped and we have the annual Christmas Card winners to announce.

Good night.

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Christy Z. said...

I'm ready for the Christmas Card winners...even though I don't think we made it on the list. I like seeing what everyone else comes up with for cards though!