Sunday, January 03, 2010

The New Year is off and running.

The boys go back to school tomorrow and they are not happy about it. I remember as a kid not being happy about having to go back after a long break or holiday. Tomorrow they will be fine. Daddy will be home he will make them breakfast but Tuesday is when reality will set in and they will give me the trouble. So we say Lunch after school tomorrow and a movie next Friday night and I think at least having that to look forward to is helping.

Stella's new dog house is here and she hasn't gone in it yet. The boys have. The neighbor boys have, but not Stella. She prefers her electric blanket with the boys thank you very much. This morning she climbed up on Dom's reclining and sleeping lap to rest with him. Those two are getting chummy. Time for her to do something and mess it all up. That's her style. I think if the house is outside and it starts raining she might go into it. Maybe not. We'll just give her some time to get use to it.

I am anxious to get the next semester started, get the boys back into the swing of things once more. Holiday's and breaks are nice but we all get too lazy.
I think this is going to be a really great year. Nothing major planned. I have the big birthday. Derek will become a teen. Things like that.
Let's see how it turns out shall we?

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