Saturday, January 23, 2010

This cracked me up

Today at Raleys this dad is picking up a birthday cake. They can't find it. They are asking him "what's it decorated like?" he says "I don't know" they says "Is it princess or Dora or Barbie? What's the theme of the party?" he says "I dont' know." They say what name is it under. He tells them his daughters name and they don't have a cake under that name. They say "Ok we are going to read off the cakes we have here we go.." and they are reading all these names and what kind of cakes "happy birthday Jeffery" and "Congratulations Sami" and then they say "Happy Birthday Turner" and the guy goes "You put the wrong name on the cake. That's our last name"
OH MY GOD. I thought it was so funny.
This guy might not have thought that though....ahem... True Story.

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