Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thanks Hallmark.

I am not happy with Hallmark. Every year the boys and I send Dom an e card from Hallmark. We have big fun picking one out and we usually send him one from each of us. Well now Hallmark charges you 99 cents for their cards. They have just a handful of free ones but they aren't as good as the ones they want you pay 99 cents for. Thanks a lot Hallmark. What a bummer.

Tonight Stella got out after dark and ran like she does to the park and then to the house over on the next court. Thankfully they had a puppy we used to lure her to me and then we nabbed her to take her home. For a split second Derek and thought about keeping the puppy and running and leaving Stella with them. I have got to find a way to keep her from running like she does. As soon as the door or the gate is open she's gone. It's getting really old and I am so afraid she's going to get hit by a car one of these days. sigh.
On the way back Derek starts to complain about his teacher and then goes "oh shoot I forgot I have to answer each question with a complete paragraph not with just a sentence" so the homework that he had done was not done and now we have to go back over it. Then we have to dive deep into his vocabulary and spelling packet and it felt like the evening that wouldn't end. Then Stella got a hold of an orange and that was a mess.
Joe comes in and fills the bath tub to over flowing. Then says he's all done but his hair is not even wet. So I wash him real quick, So then he goes and gets Stella all crazy and she nips him on the ear and you would have thought she took the whole ear off (she didn't) but he goes into wailing about his ear being gone and he can't hear and where is it can we sew it back on.
I am done. It's time for all eyes to be closed around here. I am done. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?!

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