Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rant Rave and Rescue

That is my new favorite phrase often used for mothers of school aged children. Often used for mothers of children with special needs. Call it what you will. Say what you want. I suppose it's how I operate.
I do not expect the school district to do everything for my child. I shall feed him, clothe him (Well Nana helps out a lot with that) and teach him to be a good person. I am sending him to school for the fundamentals of reading , writing and math and how to really handle himself in the world. If he should have an issue with someone, bigger or smaller than him in the world, I do not expect him to know how to handle it, I expect him to figure it out in due time. He's 6 and I don't want him growing up any faster than he has to. Same goes for my 12 year old. There is a time for everything.

So I shall rant and rave and ask and be nice and then I shall swoop down and rescue when it's needed.

So off I go to his IEP. To make sure all of his needs are being meet and to make sure they are going to be met next year.
Would it be too much to ask that all documents be written in blue or black ink? sigh.
Keep you posted.

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