Friday, April 02, 2010

The Day After.

April Fool's.
Boy I fooled you guys didn't I? Well at least some of you.

Heaven's no there is no Baby G cooking. Just a sinus infection and an ear infection that has me down for the count.

Derek slept 12 hours yesterday. Went to bed at 7 pm and got up at 7 am (in case you were having trouble figuring out what 12 hours was) I kept checking on him and he kept saying "go away". If he's sick he'll beg me to stay so I knew he was fine.

Took Stella for her Easter bath, now she's a clean happy dog.

I am beat and ready for a nap.
Thanks everyone for being so good natured about it all.
Wait till next year.

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Anonymous said...

7 pm to 7 pm is 24 hours, just saying