Saturday, April 03, 2010

F-ing Cerebral Palsy

I don't know if Joe falls a lot because,

1. He's a moving rough and tumble boy.

2. He has two feet that don't move as fast as he does or that other boys do that he tries to keep up with

3. He doesn't have two fully functioning hands to catch his many falls.

There is no fancy magnetic ribbon on my car. i don't have any t shirt, coffee mug or bracelet. I won't walk, race or rally for the cure because guess what, there isn't one. I don't feel the need make you aware CP exists. I am aware of it every day. To everyone he's just Joe. Yes he's perfect and he's wonderful but the fact remains this is what he has, this is the deal.

I think in the past 24 hours he has fallen at least 6 times. Scratched up, bruised up and bandaged.

This is what Cerebral Palsy looks like to me.

Oh and I learned that vegetable oil can remove the sticky residue that ban-aids leave behind with. We also learned that he new Johnson and Johnson brand Band Aid's have braille on them. How cool is that.

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