Sunday, May 02, 2010


One year ago today we made the trip to Dublin to look at dog at the SPCA. The dog we wanted was not available but in the kennel next to her was a batch of fuzzy puppies. I loved the faces of these pups. The soft fur. The warm way they just came up to us.
After hours of talking and debating we decided to bring Bagel home. We got Bagel bowls and toys and a crate and a new name and welcomed her to Foxwood Court.

We've been through a lot with this crazy pup. She has eaten a couch, legos, nerf buttles, sunglasses, socks, stuffed animals, a Quzinos' sandwhich right off the table, a cupcake without the wrapper, she has taken us on wild adventures through our neighborhood through rain, sun and dark of night. We have become regulars at the dog park, the soccer practice and the pet groomer.
She is the best fuzzy alarm clock ever and she's always happy to see you when you come over. Even Dom. She loves the boys, she loves her electric blanket and mama's bed and a good belly rub.

It hasn't always been easy, but for me it's always been worth it.

Happy Anniversary Stella.

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