Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer has me busy

I cannot believe how busy we have been like every single day/weekend you name it. Go go go!
Tried to slow down today but was not really all that successful.
The days are clicking off the calandar and the boys will be back to school. If i am lucky to score a job everything will be different. I was telling the boys last night that I was sorry we couldn't take cruises or nice nice vacations but that daddy and I really try to provide for them and do fun things and the trade off is that I get to stay home with them all summer and they can sleep in and I am here when they are sick and Joe said "You need to get a job I want to go on a cruse!" It was so funny. He didn't miss a beat.

Then Derek tells me I need to write a book like Twilight only better and make lots of money and get a Volvo. So I bounce ideas off of him and he says "no that's not good" , he doesn't seem to like any of my book ideas.

I have a huge project under my belt. I am hanging pictures in the house. Wish me luck. I am getting all of my stuff together so I can tell Dom where I want them. You'll have to come over and check it out.

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