Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I confess.

Heaven help me I love a good court show. Not those drama court shows, you know I like Judge Joe Brown or Swift Justice. Where they are basically small claims court. LOVE THEM. The things people do. The back and forth. LOVE THEM. What I hate is.... bad grammar. Kills me. Does that even sound correct to you? "I got my hair did before I go to her place and she took my bag after I gots there." Really Lady? Yes it is baffling to us as well that you are in small claims court. But I love them. Those shows and Animal Cops Houston or Miami or whatever city they are in. Stella and I watch them but they make me sad to see dogs tied of an left with out food or water. So sad. I want to take them all home. It's a good thing I have Dominic or every stray would live with me and I would be crazy dog lady. Not cat lady but crazy dog lady for sure. No gym this week. So much for the discipline huh? We can talk about that later. Joe's been going to football camp and he loves it. That boy can throw a pretty good ball. Perfect spiral. Not sure how he does that. Just one more night of it, I am sure he's going to miss it.

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