Monday, August 31, 2015

Too many baths.

Today a child I work with threw a chair across the room. She's five. It's not all that shocking I have had chairs and desks, shoes, lunch trays you name it pretty much has been tossed in my general direction. But today I heard about it after the fact. I was not involved and it didn't make me feel really any better. World Cerebral Palsy day is coming. A day to bring about awareness. I don't need a day for that. Our Joe is great and he's doing fine physically and mentally. He struggles in school but he has a lot of support. People in white coats tell me he will be a tax paying citizen some day. How great is that? There you are with the life you created "Congratulations you created a tex payer". While I get what they are saying , what they mean I guess everyone hopes they have given birth to the star quarterback, next great rock star, doctor. While Derek struggles with the big birthday looming and all that it means to me a grown up. Good luck with that kid. I don't know the mean of life. I don't get what it all means. It feels like this very long road you keep walking on and others seems to have nicer things to look on the way, a smoother road more stops, more "Go directly to GO" cards then I feel some days I have. Is the full moon? Is it a sore throat? Is it working with kids that make hurt my heart some days? I don't know. I try to count my blessing and be grateful and some days I drink wine and take long baths.

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