Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mo Money Mo what?

I dont think kids today really know the value of money. I tell Derek sometimes that I dont have any money to buy lunch today or get treats right now.
Ben didnt get it when I told him I didnt have any money to buy lunch the other day. He said "can you go the bank and get some money" and I said "No I dont have any money in the bank to get" he shook his head at me and I let it go. So later that day I heard him say to Derek "How can she not have any money I dont get that?" I explained to him the money I did have had to go to pay the rent and I think he just shut down and didnt want to have to deal with that reality. Sorry sweety neither do I but that's the way it is.

I too as a child when told that my mom didnt have any money would say "Write a check!" I guess I didnt get it either.
We are trying to teach Derek that a dinner out is like this many hours of work for daddy or this toy is this much work. He's getting it SLOWLY for sure. When you look at it that way he says "Well can Daddy just stay home and play with me instead?" and that statement is gold to daddy dontcha know.

I want the boys to know how hard we work to provide for them and because I am home with them they dont often get to go places or get the things some of their friends get but I think in the long run when all they want is to play for hours in a cardboard box with daddy maybe they are getting what is really important in life.
I am sure if money was not an issue really I too would shower them with toys and things and take them all kinds of wonderful places and I feel bad sometimes that the "miss out" but how many times in your life do you need to go to Disneyland really? I dont honestly think we would go several times a year if we could. And sometimes a night of grilled cheese sandwhichs is just as great at eating out. Maybe these will be memories for them.


Anonymous said...

"but how many times in your life do you need to go to Disneyland really?"

Is that a crack at me?


Anonymous said...

ya.... HEY! I think that was a shot at US!! OK, not me, but my wife and daughter. They had just gotten back from Disneyland about the time this was posted.
for what it's worth, they wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for our daughters dance studio performing down there.
BUT..... we still would have probably gone after Thanksgiving anyway like we ALWAYS do.