Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Can you hear me now?

Yesterday was all about the audiologist. A nice man. Although Joseph didnt think so. He screamed the whole time. The dr ran the test he had to as best he could. Put probes and pokey things in Josephs ear. This did not make Joseph happy at all. I had to sit there totally still and just hold him but could not really comfort him. I couldnt say anything while the test ran. He just kept screaming. The next test to run,if we decide to, we can knock him out and read his brain activity but I am in no hurry to do that to him any time soon.

The results... his hearing is fine. We pretty much knew that. But we have to jump thru the hoops baby. He agreed he needs more speech therapy than he's getting. So now we ask for more evaluations and scream and kick for more help.
He needs it NOW he agreed and he's upset that the agency's that be aren't doing it.
So we have no answers after yesterday but if you ask Joseph he'll point to his ears and say "doctor" and "Bah bah bah" that was the sound he had to respond to. I am surprised he heard any of it over all that screaming.

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