Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tracy Little League

We arent big baseball fans. Dont play it, dont watch it. But tonight we couldnt help but watch the Little League Championship game on ESPN 2.
It was No Cal againts So Cal. The No Cal team was from Tracy. They lost 7-2 but boy it was a good game. And kudo's to coach Lee. Who didnt have Mr. Lee as a driving teacher? Very well done and I am proud to say , as always, to be from Tracy. A very great bunch of boys and keep on eye on Reed Rezenick from So Cal. That boy can hit!
So very proud of them all!

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val said...

We actually made a little party out of it tonight with Brandon's friends. Brandon, Beau and Tony were on a team with Tyler San Filippo, and Brandon was partners with Dominic D'Souza at All American Sports Academy sessions. My brother and I were talking on the phone during the game, so excited to see Tracy boys playing ball. They did do great, they put Tracy on the map for the National Little League. We were very proud as well.