Monday, August 22, 2005

So much

There is so much I want to say. So much I am sure will get me in trouble. I am frustrated in so many ways. So tired. Dom let Joseph take a nap from 4 pm till 6 pm yesterday. SO not good. Joseph did not go to bed till 12:45am. I am not even kidding. Then he didnt sleep well. As it was Derek didnt go to bed till almost 11:30. MY GOD! I am so tired and I have to work 5 days straight which I know you all do but sometimes it feels like 2 jobs to me. I work harder it seems for less money than I ever have in my life but it's the only job that affords me the luxary of staying home with my boys so we'll get by like we always do. Right?
I am so hungry right this minute I cannot even tell you! I would love a chicken sandwhich. Ok I'll keep my mouth shut right now the fatigue and hunger might make me say something that might get you all stirred up and it's just not worth it.


val said...

My son told me he learned in school that people that don't get much sleep but still function during the day don't live long. So I'm thinking we'll get a lot of rest when we are Sorry delirious from my night as well.

Tammy G said...

Well if that's true I wont make it to 40 at this rate and it seems some others I know will live forever they sleep so much. Dang it.