Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pee Pee( yes I know I know)

Last night Joseph kept saying "pee pee" you really must see his face when he says it. His face is all scrunched up and his teeth are together. It's cute.
I was tired, I had wine, not sure what was going on. Off down the dark hall, in to the dark bathroom he went. He came back and his shirt was wet and his leg was wet and he said "pee pee" and took me down the hall. Sure enough right in front of the toilet was a small puddle of pee. He almost made it.
I am not sure how I feel about this. My baby boy being potty trained. WOW. We could be close to preschool soon. Dig that!!


Jenn said...

So totally dig that. How awesome is that? Have you been really trying for that? I'm so proud from thousands of miles away. What a great milestone!

You rock Joseph! Tammy-be PROUD! That's how you should feel.

gotta get my peanut to bed it's ever so late...

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know, Joseph will be wanting to play in the mud :)

I am absolutely positively sure Mathew is more than ready to show him the ropes.