Friday, August 19, 2005

So this new job rocks. I so dig it. :)
And today is my day off. The hum drum boring life I once led is now marked with "days off" and I got big plans. I am wearing a skirt. I bought wine. Oh yeah baby days off are for F U N. (NOTE I only work like 3 days a week and like 4 hours a day SHUT UP it's my day off I'll do WHAT I WANT)

Why do kids just say "Mom, my ear kind of hurts" and walk off? I guess if he was really sick it would be major right? The thing is with this kid I'll take him to the dr with something small and he'll say "Well its a double ear infection and he has a case of ecoli too" who knew? So I dont know. Is he sick or isnt he? I gave him tyelnol , his nose is runny we'll wait and see and go thru the weekend BIG ASS FUN!

Some of you may remember that I lost my wedding ring right after Joseph was born. It was just horrible. So about a year ago Dominic got me a plain gold bank for Christmas to replace it. Well last night STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM I dropped said gold band in the bedroom and now we cannot find it. It's in there somewhere... unless Joseph took it. He does stuff like that. He'll pick something up and run away and you'll never see that thing again E V E R. Thank God it was not my anniversary band or Dom would have killed me dead.
I'll keep you posted. I love jewelery I do I just cant seem to hang on to it. Go figure.
Ok peeps have a good weekend. I am off.

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